Jackfruit Gyros and Chips


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Remember holidays? There is nothing that screams ‘holiday’ more than this photo of a sleepy taverna under a grape laden klimataria complete with slightly amused looking ‘locals’ and anxious tourists trying to score postcards for 2 euros less than the ones in their hotel. There is almost certainly a heavily pregnant pussycat slumped in the shade somewhere. And the smell… go on, you can smell the herb infused kebabs gently cooking over that fire. Nostalgic, much. BUT: we will all holiday again soon.
Anyway, in an effort to recapture that quintessential Mediterranean experience, we started making these gyros in the Summer, and the staff couldn’t get enough of them. They know a thing or two, our staff. So here we are: we’re offering you four flatbread gyros pockets (with all the salad and all the sauces), plus some Persepolis spiced chips, for £12.50. Or make a meal of it: for £25.00 you get a meze meal on the side ‘n’all.
Kopiaste (terrible mixing of Greek islands here: apologies).

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